(Starting in December 2017) The quantification of the shape preferred orientation (SPO) of minerals by digital image analysis is a useful tool of structural geology. This is particularly the case of magma flow studies characterized by weak anisotropy quite difficult to measure by eyes. But this can be used also in sedimentology and fault studies. The SPO use the basic principle of stereology linking a count in n-1 dimension to a measurement in n dimensions. It starts at a pixel size n0 to explore a material along lines n1 forming a surface area n2 stacked in a volume n3. It can work on classified images or even more quickly on grey levels images (with some limitations).

The present course is dedicated to geologist and any other people interested in the measurement of material anisotropy formed by a population of objects with easy-to-use methods. The aim is to give all simplest basic concepts necessary to extract meaningful results from image analysis.

A set of applications illustrate the course and a set of free programs and open spreadsheet are provided to facilitate the assimilation of the technique.



Supports et ressources pour animer une formation en deux ateliers : le premier porte sur l'utilisation des cartes heuristiques dans un contexte privé ou professionnel, le second atelier aborde l'utilisation des cartes conceptuelles pour enseigner et apprendre.

Supports d'un atelier de formation à la conception d'un diaporama avec un objectif d'enseignement.

Atelier conçu dans le cadre du PRES Pays de la Loire en 2014.

Cours-TD de 12h, pour un public d'élèves-ingénieurs en informatique (1ère année de cycle ingénieur)

This course is given in the 2nd semester of the DMKM Erasmus Mundus Master, it has four objectives

  • Understand the world of research
  • Know how to search, read and evaluate scientific material
  • Know how to write scientific documents
  • Know how research is practiced